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Herbz's CBD concentrates are of the highest quality. The concentrates are produced in Europe, but the oil used there is extracted in Denver, USA and the CBD tops from which the oil is extracted are also grown there. These are some of the best CBD isolates / concentrates that we have seen, and the customers also give us only positive feedback. So buy your CBD concentrates with confidence from us.

They are also incredibly popular in England, where they are sold in style on England's largest CBD webshop. The potential is great for concentrates in Denmark. Dabbing, it is also called. It is very popular abroad to "dab", but in Denmark it is a little less known. At Herbz.dk, we try to do something about that.

We only want to sell the best to our customers, and that certainly also applies to concentrates or isolates as some call it. Therefore, we only sell from the well-known brand "the goods" for now.

They are certainly not cheap to buy, but are simply better than others. We also hear from our customers that they have been used to CBD concentrates that smell of chemicals, etc., and are very surprised when they try ours, which is of a completely different caliber, in terms of quality and fragrance.

Who are "The Goods"

The goods was started by two brothers, Marti and Arta. Marti is from California, and worked there in the early stages of the cannabis industry, and could see that there was a lack of quality and innovation in Europe and the UK. Together with his brother Arta, their vision has been to bring the same "california" quality to Europe and England.

Their mission has always been to keep methods and products as natural and unique as possible, using the best techniques on the market, and working with small portions of "batches", to ensure unique quality.

What are CBD concentrates

CBD concentrates or CBD isolates, as the category is also called, are, as the name suggests, more concentrated forms of CBD. It can be, for example, ice rocks and moon rocks, shatter, wax or diamonds and sauce.

What are Ice and moon rocks

CBD ice rocks and moon rocks are CBD top shots dipped in liquid concentrate and sprinkled with 99% CBD crystals or pure hash, respectively. They are extremely fragrant and are quite potent. Many use them to give an extra twist to what you already know. Everyone should try them, but beware they leave you wanting more. It is recommended to grind them to really feel the lovely scent.

What is shatter, wax and diamonds & sauce

Shatter is 99% pure cbd concentrate completely free of THC and other parts from the hemp plant. Only pure CBD. CBD shatter comes in hard pieces, but shatters easily when touched. Hence the name "shatter", which can mean "to shatter" in English. Shatter can be used for many things, only the imagination sets the limits.

Our CBD wax, also called "budder", has a hard wax-like consistency. The CBD wax is made from broad-spectrum CBD oil and is free of THC. Only the imagination sets the limit to what this product can be used for.

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