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Delicious scentSold out
CBD topskud
HERBZ | CBD | Mango AND | SATIVA Sale priceFrom 99,00 kr
Sold out
marocco 50 % cbd hash
HERBZ | Morocco | 50% CBD hash Sale priceFrom 89,00 kr
Cannacup winsSold out
Zkittlez cbd topskudHERBZ | CBD | Zkittlez | INDICA
HERBZ | CBD | Zkittlez | INDICA Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Nicotine-freeSold out
"Replacement" trim from CBD top shoot
"Replacement" trim from CBD top shoot Sale priceFrom 139,00 kr
OCB Organic hemp SLIM + filterOCB Organic hemp SLIM + filter
CBD hash marocco
HERBZ | Morocco | 35% CBD Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
CBD + CBGSold out
HERBZ | CBD + CBG Hash | Golden pollen
breaking bad lighterClipper lighter with motif
Clipper lighter with motif Sale price12,00 kr
Ultra premium
HERBZ | CBD | Blueberry muffin | HYBRID
THE BULLDOG | Ultra thin kingsize | Paper + filterTHE BULLDOG | Ultra thin kingsize | Paper + filter
Sold out
black afghan 35 % cbd hash
Black Afghan 35% CBD hash Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Ultra premium
HERBZ | CBD | Banana kush | INDICA
HERBZ | CBD | Banana kush | INDICA Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Ultra premiumSold out
HERBZ | CBD | Amnesia | SATIVA
HERBZ | CBD | Amnesia | SATIVA Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Sold out
cbg hash
Herbz | Royal CBG hash | 39 % Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Ultra premiumSold out
CBD topskud ghost o.g
HERBZ | CBD | Ghost AND | HYBRID Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
JUMBO | Cones 3-pack | King size | Unbleached
HERBZ | CBN charas 35%
HERBZ | CBN charas 35% Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Sold out
Monkey King | Pro Stoners Filter | 1000 pcsMonkey King | Pro Stoners Filter | 1000 pcs
Sold out
POP TOP bucket for storage
POP TOP bucket for storage Sale price17,00 kr Regular price19,00 kr
Sold out
RAW glass filterRAW glass filter
RAW glass filter Sale price29,00 kr
Sold out
Plastik beholder til opbevaring " pop top "
GRIND PRO | Metal grinder GOLD | 50 mmGRIND PRO | Metal grinder GOLD | 50 mm
PremiumSold out
CBD ice rocks i lækker kvalitetcbd ice rock lab test
Ice Rocks | CBD concentrate 60.76% Sale priceFrom 239,00 kr
Ultra premiumSold out
HERBZ | CBD | AND kush | INDICA Sale priceFrom 139,00 kr
NewsSold out
cali purple cbd topskud
HERBZ | CBD | Cali dream | INDICA Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Removes THC from the mouthSave 50,00 kr
THC kleanerMarbella Smokeclub | THC Mouth Cleaner
Marbella Smokeclub | THC Mouth Cleaner Sale price149,00 kr Regular price199,00 kr
PROF | Stormlighter w. blue flame | Metal
wedding cake cbd koncentratwedding cake wax cbd koncentrat
THE GOODS | Wedding cake | WAX Sale price119,00 kr
zkittlez wax bredspektret koncentratzkittlez wax cbd koncentrat
THE GOODS | Zkittlez | WAX Sale price119,00 kr
full-spectrum CBD olie
God til prisen
CBD olie 1500 mg
ALPLANT | CBD oil | 1500 mg Fra 239,84 - 399,00 kr/gram
hamp bluntscannabis blunts
COMBIE | Grinder on the go
COMBIE | Grinder on the go Sale price189,00 kr
Cannabis Socks "Amsterdam"
Cannabis Socks "Amsterdam" Sale price19,95 kr
hamp bluntscannabis blunts
HAPPEASE | CBD oil | SLEEP | 4000 mg
PremiumSold out
moon rock cbd koncentratMoon Rocks | CBD concentrate 42.45%
Moon Rocks | CBD concentrate 42.45% Sale priceFrom 239,00 kr
vacuum beholderVacuum container | American dream
USASold out
THE GOODS | Strawberry daiquiri | SHATTER
Værktøj til CBD koncentrater i rustfri stål
USASold out
granddaddy purple wax bredspektret CBD koncentratgranddaddy purple wax CBD koncentrat terpen profil
Sold out
The tree sportslotion med CBD og tigerbalsam i højeste kvalitet
CBD sports cream Sale price99,00 kr Regular price119,00 kr
USASold out
zkittlez shatter cbd koncentratzkittlez terpenprofil
For herbsSave 190,00 kr
XMAX | Herbal vaporizerXMAX | Herbal vaporizer
XMAX | Herbal vaporizer Sale price399,00 kr Regular price589,00 kr
hamp bluntscannabis blunts
NewsOn sale
HERBZ | CBD | V2 | HYBRID Sale priceFrom 79,00 kr
Sold out
EIGHTY8 | CBD bubble hash
EIGHTY8 | CBD bubble hash Sale price99,00 kr
NewsSold out
EIGHTY8 | raisin hash | 25% CBD

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Here you will find a fantastic selection of products ranging from top shots to creams, hash, concentrates, vaporizers, paper and filters for lighters and other accessories. Whatever your preferences and needs are, we're sure you'll find something to suit you here.

Let's start with our impressive selection of top shots. Our collection offers a wide selection of different varieties and strengths, so you can find exactly what suits your taste and wishes. We always ensure that our top shots are of the highest quality and are carefully selected from the best producers.

If you are looking for creams, we also have a great selection available. Our creams are made with care and are perfect to add an extra dimension to your experience. Whether you are looking for relaxation or pain relief, our creams may be the ideal choice for you.

For those who prefer concentrates, our range is also worth exploring. Our concentrates have been processed with care and are filled with potent and pure ingredients. They are designed to deliver a more concentrated and intense experience that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

If you are interested in vaporizers, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of vaporizers designed to enhance your experience and allow you to enjoy your favorite products in a convenient and efficient way. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, we have the perfect vaporizer for you.

When it comes to accessories, we have everything you need to enjoy your products to the fullest. We offer a wide selection of paper and filters for lighters, so you can find your favorite brands and variants. Our accessories are of high quality and are designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Regardless of which products you choose from our collection, you can be sure that we always strive to deliver the best quality and service to our customers. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and ensuring you have a first-class experience every time.

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