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VETRIHEMP | CBD oil for ANIMALS | 1200 mg
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At Herbz.dk we specialize in buying the right CBD oil for dogs. All our CBD oil is of the highest quality and thoroughly tested by a third party before purchase. It is 100% organic. In this way, you ensure that your dog gets proper and hygienic CBD oil. All our CBD oil is for external use.

If you have a dog, you should read further below and learn more about CBD oil.

What is CBD oil for dogs?

CBD - oil for dogs, is the so-called substance that comes from the well-known hemp plant. CBD oil contains 0.2% THC or 0%. Unlike THC, CBD oil does not produce any psychoactive effects or effects. When using CBD oil, you don't get the feeling of being high or high, as you know from THC. Of this, our product is legal to sell and buy throughout the EU, including Denmark.

CBD oil for all sizes of dogs

Whether you have a dog under 10 kg or over 10 kg, we at Herbz have the right product for your dog. If your dog needs something good from nature, we can vouch for our 100% organic CBD oil, which is specially made for animals such as dogs. At Herbz, we love our little and big friends, who are said to be man's best friend. Let's do something good for them today. CBD oil for dogs is a very good alternative to various medications from the vet.

Organic and tested CBD oil for dogs

If you are looking for CBD oil for dogs, we are your perfect match! At Herbz, we only sell organic CBD - oil for dogs, for external use. We focus on well-tested, high-quality products. All our varieties (CBD) are EU approved and our products are carefully selected with a focus on the highest quality. This results in a good CBD product that we here at Herbz can vouch for and sell to you.

Do you need guidance or help?

Have you bought the CBD oil but need help with some questions or something else? Do not hesitate to contact us! At Herbz.dk, we are always available! You can either get in touch with us by phone or email.

Telephone: +45 28 12 12 86

Mail: Info@herbz.dk

Herbz.dk products are not intended or suitable to cure or treat diseases. If you are looking for a product to treat or diagnose diseases in your dog, we recommend that you seek or contact your own vet.


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