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OCB Organic hemp SLIM + filterOCB Organic hemp SLIM + filter
breaking bad lighterClipper lighter with motif
Clipper lighter with motif Sale price12,00 kr
THE BULLDOG | Ultra thin kingsize | Paper + filterTHE BULLDOG | Ultra thin kingsize | Paper + filter
JUMBO | Cones 3-pack | King size | Unbleached
Sold out
Monkey King | Pro Stoners Filter | 1000 pcsMonkey King | Pro Stoners Filter | 1000 pcs
Sold out
POP TOP bucket for storage
POP TOP bucket for storage Sale price17,00 kr Regular price19,00 kr
Sold out
RAW glass filterRAW glass filter
RAW glass filter Sale price29,00 kr
Sold out
Plastik beholder til opbevaring " pop top "
GRIND PRO | Metal grinder GOLD | 50 mmGRIND PRO | Metal grinder GOLD | 50 mm
Removes THC from the mouthSave 50,00 kr
THC kleanerMarbella Smokeclub | THC Mouth Cleaner
Marbella Smokeclub | THC Mouth Cleaner Sale price149,00 kr Regular price199,00 kr
PROF | Stormlighter w. blue flame | Metal
hamp bluntscannabis blunts
COMBIE | Grinder on the go
COMBIE | Grinder on the go Sale price189,00 kr
Cannabis Socks "Amsterdam"
Cannabis Socks "Amsterdam" Sale price19,95 kr
hamp bluntscannabis blunts
vacuum beholderVacuum container | American dream
Værktøj til CBD koncentrater i rustfri stål
For herbsSave 190,00 kr
XMAX | Herbal vaporizerXMAX | Herbal vaporizer
XMAX | Herbal vaporizer Sale price399,00 kr Regular price589,00 kr
hamp bluntscannabis blunts
NewsSave 22,00 kr
vaper til e-væskedamper til e-væske
INNOKIN | steaming Sale price277,00 kr Regular price299,00 kr
Boveda/ INTEGRA | 62% | 67 gBoveda/ INTEGRA | 62% | 67 g
Boveda/ INTEGRA | 62% | 67 g Sale price49,00 kr
God kvalitetSave 20,00 kr
joint carbon filter
ACTITUBE | Carbon slime filters Sale price79,00 kr Regular price99,00 kr
CHAMP | Grinder
CHAMP | Grinder Sale price299,00 kr
hemp wrap bluntscannabis blunts
PrisbaskerSave 144,00 kr
urte vaporizerurte vaporizer
XVAPE | Urtefordamper | Golden dragon Sale price555,00 kr Regular price699,00 kr
vaporizer til koncentratvaporizer til koncentrat
NARCOS | LighterNARCOS | Lighter
NARCOS | Lighter Sale price9,00 kr
NARCOS | Grinder | 3 deleNARCOS | Grinder | 3 dele
NARCOS | Grinder | 3 dele Sale price39,00 kr
PUFFCO | Hot knife for concentratePUFFCO | Hot knife for concentrate
NewsSave 200,00 kr
INNOKIN | steaming
INNOKIN | steaming Sale price99,00 kr Regular price299,00 kr

Accessories and more

  • Paper / filter
  • Grinders
  • Vapers
  • batteries And much more

Welcome to our extensive product category with everything you need for a premium experience. From paper and filters to grinders and batteries, we've got you covered. Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, we have the perfect products for you.

Start with our selection of quality papers and filters for your rolling needs. Our papers ensure a smooth roll and a pleasant experience, while our filters help filter the smoke for a more pleasant taste.

For those who want to grind their herbs or tobacco, we offer a wide selection of grinders. Our grinders are designed to grind your ingredients to the perfect consistency, giving you the best experience.

In addition, we have a selection of batteries for different purposes. Our reliable batteries ensure you always have power for your devices when you need it.

In addition to vape accessories, we also offer other exciting products for your enjoyment. Whether it's for personal use or as a gift, you'll find something to suit your needs.

Explore our product category today and upgrade your experience. We stand behind the quality of our products and are dedicated to delivering the best to our customers. Make your purchase today and enjoy a premium experience every time.

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